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Generative AI
for the Edge


Welcome to EdgeRunner AI

We're building Generative AI for the edge that is

safe, secure, and transparent

Transforming the Edge to power the Industrial Brain

Benefits of Running AI Locally


Ensures your IP-rich private data remains safe, eliminating the need to use the cloud. This removes risk of data interception and security breaches.


Simplifies compliance with new and emerging laws and regulations, as AI safety has become a major focus for Congress.

Lower Costs

Zero hosting costs, unlike using cloud services and third-party APIs.


Open, task-specific models are more effective at avoiding issues such as bias, data toxicity, and performance inconsistencies. It's important to understand “how the sausage is made” regarding AI safety.


Data never needs to leave your on-prem or

on-device environment. The best data strategy is not moving your data.

Near Zero Latency

With models running locally on-device at the Edge, we now have near zero latency and never need to "phone home." 


Hardware and chip agnostic, can run anywhere on only 4GB of RAM.

Own Your AI

Unlike proprietary models in the cloud and general Frontier models via 3rd-party APIs, you own your AI when you host it locally on-prem or on-device.


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